the european turtle dove autumn 2020, an area full of old and new houses

A rare European turtle dove was being chased by a muscular, steel-grey cat. They arrived at a yard full of apple trees. The dove sat on a branch and the cat climbed up the tree, fiercely focused on the bird. When the cat got too close the dove lazily fluttered on another tree, seeming slightly inconvenienced at most. The cat went after it up a tree after tree. After a small while they ended up on another yard, out of sight. What a weird scenery, an unordinarinaly beautiful specimen of a common species going after another rarity to consume it. I felt like a background character in a YA novel about shapeshifters.

the black woodpecker autumn 2020, a pine forest

I was standing by a campfire with my lover and heard a bird crying. I had learned the call of the black woodpecker in the summer so I knew to expect it. It flew right over us. What a magnificent and ominous bird, it has something to do with Satan for sure.