Welcome to look at a small assortment of things!

You can call me Odjur. That's Swedish for monster, but don't be afraid, I'm not really Swedish.

I'm an Eurasian forest troll, felipithecus sylvestris. I'm what some mythologies describe as a changeling. Due to an insufficient diet (mostly the lack of herbivore viscera and bone marrow) my fur and claws never developed correctly - winter-proof or hide-piercing - so for now I'm stuck in this noisy environment full of plastic and have to wear socks. I don't really like imitating human sounds or facial expressions but have quite the affinity for written words, which is why you're reading this instead of chatting with me over a cup of coffee.

Facts about me

My favorite things in some of the human cultures:

My grievances concerning some of the human cultures:

Some of my favorite ologies and their meanings:

  • Etymology, the study of the origin and development of human words
  • Ethology, the study of the behavior of animals that aren't humans
  • Psychology, the study of the behavior and thoughts of animals that are humans
  • Sociology, the study of the things that humans do together
  • Ecology, the study of the things all living beings do together
  • Phytology/botany, the study of plants
  • Mycology, the study of fungi
  • Ornithology, the study of birds
  • Other people

  • Soup Kitchen Drawings of cute bears and much more (incl. "birds")
  • Definitely not Cohen Facts about a wonderful individual
  • Fishdinger Introspection and sage advice
  • The adventures of Zed and Spud The most dazzling service dog and her equally dazzling human
  • The Complete Lee Experience Captivating and mystical
  • RC-Cola The life and work of a multi-talented butch idol
  • Jdix Quality mushroom photography and upcoming flag enthusiasm
  • Everyday objects that trigger side quests Overlooked treasures
  • TUNAFISH The home of exquisite illustrations
  • Art and games

  • A Dark Room